a modern and local approach to wedding planning

Connect with your local wedding community to meet and book your vendors through free, easy-to-use tools, all while receiving special offers on your big day.

why wedperks?

It’s a single-note industry for digital wedding planning tools - we want to change that. Our mission is to modernize wedding planning, while cherishing the important traditions. Our easy-to-use tools don’t just help you find your vendors, but meet them and connect with them on a personal level (we’re talking face-to-face interactions!).

how does it work?

WedPerks is structured like a rewards system:

Receive special offers

Receive Special Offers

As a member you receive exclusive special offers to save money
on your big day

Receive special offers

Earn Points

Earn points for booking vendors, interacting with the site and more

Receive special offers

Spend Points

Spend your points on fun, special perks
(these will rotate so keep checking them!)

best of both worlds

Participate digitally in your account while getting exclusive invitations to workshops and events near you.  You’ll get a digital dashboard for tracking your points, wedding tips & tricks and messaging vendors.

Computer with Wedperks interface

oh, and it’s free

There’s no cost to participate - you can cheers to that!

are ya ready to sign up?