WedPerks Terms & Conditions

WedPerks Terms & Conditions Below are the Terms and Conditions that vendors agree to when they join WedPerks:

These terms govern your use of the WedPerks program, and services. This agreement is between, the vendor (“VENDOR”), WedPerks team (“WEDPERKS”), participating brides and grooms (“COUPLE”), and participating promotional sponsors, i.e. The Wedding Expo (“SPONSORS”). After reading these terms click “agree” to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

This is an ongoing agreement that will take effect when VENDOR application is approved by WEDPERKS, and will continue until canceled by either party according to the terms of agreement. SPONSORS will act as third party promotional sponsors under this agreement, but will not be held responsible for issues related to the WedPerks program. This agreement shall not create an employer/employee relationship between the parties.


Thousands of Qualified Leads Motivated to Participate Access to a Tracking / Communication System for all COUPLES Featured Listing in WedPerks Account Promotion and Marketing Support for Special Events (i.e. workshops, tastings) WedPerks Hosted Events Priority Participation for WedPerks Hosted Events and Up to 3 Complimentary Tickets Networking Platform Advertising with our SPONSORS, such as additional advertising at The Wedding Expo


Create a WedPerks Offer for participating COUPLE Uphold offer to COUPLES up until their wedding date, only if COUPLE booked after joining WedPerks program. Vendor is not obligated to honor offer after COUPLEs’ wedding date, or if COUPLE booked VENDOR before joining the WedPerks program. Maintain current/up-to-date Vendor Account contact information at all times Keep COUPLES’ information confidential, and not share any leads or lead information with anyone outside of the WedPerks Program Ensure VENDOR WedPerks billing account remains in good standing Treat COUPLES with the utmost respect and in a courteous and professional manner at all times In the event of any issue or dispute involving a COUPLE, email all details to Promote/introduce WedPerks to non-participating couples


Standard Rate $75 per month or $750 annually

Discounted Promotional Rate $10 per month or $100 annually* *if you’re signed up for the upcoming Wedding Expo in Santa Rosa, CA.

First Time Expo Special Free membership up until your first Expo. After the show passes your membership will convert. If you are Participating in The Wedding Expo in Santa Rosa, and have never joined WedPerks before you are eligible for our First Time Expo Special - where you receive free membership until your first Expo.

VENDORS may be eligible for this discounted rate through a promotion with The Wedding Expo in Santa Rosa. As long as you are eligible, you will receive the discounted monthly / annual rate.

If VENDOR becomes no longer eligible for the Discounted Promotional Rate or First Time Expo Special (i.e. if VENDOR cancels upcoming Wedding Expo participation) VENDOR membership will be converted to the Standard Rate immediately. If Vendor cancels their participation in the upcoming Wedding Expo, VENDOR will be subject to retroactive payments for the months membership was active billed at the Standard Rate, and will be charged immediately. Retroactive payments will be pro-rated.

i.e. You’ve signed up for WedPerks and you are participating in the upcoming Wedding Expo that is five months away. You are eligible for our $10 monthly or $100 annual rate. A few months pass and you have to cancel participation in The Wedding Expo, two months before the show date. You are now no longer eligible for our Discounted Promotional Rate. Your WedPerks membership fee converts to $75 / month and you will owe for the three months you’ve been paying the at the Discounted Promotional Rate. Your new balance is $225, but your existing paid dues ($30 for three months) will be pro-rated. You now owe $195.

SPONSORS may receive special discounted rates.


WedPerks is a month-to-month term (with the option to pay for months in advanced), starting on the date VENDOR’s WedPerks application is approved (“START DATE”). VENDOR will be charged on the START DATE of each month. VENDOR agrees to honor the terms of this agreement for any customers booked while this agreement is in force, even after canceling participation in the program.


First month / year membership payments are due upon approval of application. These recurring payments will auto draft on that same date every month / year.

After two weeks (14 days), a payment is considered late and will be subject to a $25 late fee, for every two weeks a payment is late.

All payments are processed through WedPerks web app. All payments must be processed with a debit/credit card. VENDOR agrees and authorizes WEDPERKS to process all balances due with VENDOR’s on-file card. RENEWAL All memberships paid monthly will renew automatically month to month, unless cancelled by VENDOR in accordance with our cancellation policy (see below).


Cancellation of membership must be declared via email to at least 30 days prior to next auto-draft date. In turn, WedPerks will send a confirmation email after changes have been made. VENDOR agrees that WedPerks could take up to 7 business to respond. Cancellations will only be accepted if VENDOR is up to date in all payments and dues.

All cancellation requests will begin 30 days from the written notice and can not be made within the first month of membership. Any and all schedule charges during those 30 days will process.

WedPerks is is no way, under any circumstances, responsible for VENDOR’s negligence in checking their own bank statements or email notifications to ensure that cancellations have been processed correctly.


As a registered user of the WedPerks Program Service, VENDOR must establish an account (“ACCOUNT”). VENDOR is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the ACCOUNT and for all activities that occur on or through the ACCOUNT. VENDOR agrees to immediately notify WEDPERKS of any security breach of the ACCOUNT. WEDPERKS is not responsible for any losses that may arise out of the unauthorized use of your ACCOUNT.


WedPerks Program is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all vendors, subcontractors, volunteers, and clients. As a member of WedPerks, VENDOR shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.


While WEDPERKS agrees to use its best efforts, knowledge, and expertise to market and refer VENDOR to potential customers, WEDPERKS does not warrant or guarantee any specific results from its labor, materials, or services. WEDPERKS does not guarantee any minimum number of bookings or business volume.

This agreement shall be construed by and governed under the laws of the State of California, County of Sonoma.

This agreement may be modified, amended, or supplemented at any time, and VENDOR will be notified by email of any changes.